Wednesday League

The Wednesday night league begins in April. Please check our Facebook page or membership Newsletter to get the start date each year .

The Winona Archers summer league runs from around the end of AprilĀ  to the end of July. This league consists of two person teams that score against a different team each week. There are two divisions: Hunter and Target. This a handicap league so all skill levels have a chance at competing each week.

Hunter Division is a 28 target range with maximum distance of 45 yards. There is a 14 target spot half and a 14 target animal half. Four arrows from marked distances at each target. Scoring is 5-4-3 per arrow on spot targets and 5-3-0 on animal targets.

Target Division is the same as Hunter Division with the maximum distances out 60 yards. Long stabilizers are aloud as well as optics on your site.


Week 1 and other odd number weeks are animal targets. Week 2 and all other even number weeks are spots.





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